Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Here in Arkansas the weather can drastically change in a days time.  It is always a good idea to ensure your pets are prepared for the upcoming winter months. Here are a few tips to make your pet’s winter a safe one:

Cat snow Dog Snow

  • DO NOT leave your pets outside during freezing temperatures.  All too often we have animals come for treatment related to side effects of hypothermia.  Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they don’t get cold!  Try to limit their time outdoors when the temperatures are at or even near freezing.  Even if your pets are normally “outside” pets they still will not be able to acclimate to such cold temperatures and could possibly be seriously injured from the cold.
  • Weather permitting, you can still take your pets on walks/runs and even to the park.  Just like in the heat, you have to be aware of the cold ground on your pets paws.  Freezing temperatures can make your pets “paw pad” stick to the pavement or concrete causing an extremely painful situation for your pet by possibly ripping off part of the pad.
  • When your pets come in from outside from playing in the snow or “taking care of business” make sure you either towel dry their fur and body or if your pet permits it, you can even use a hair dryer.  Just make sure that they are dry and not sitting around with wet fur.  Even in the house they can get too cold if they are constantly wet.
  •  Just like in the heat of the Summer, you DO NOT want to leave your pets in a cold vehicle!  Your vehicle can become a freezer in just a few moments when the vehicle is off.  If you need to stop several places it is probably a better idea to just leave your loved one in the safety and warmth of your home.  Take them for a ride when there is better weather and they can stick their noses out the car window.

One final thought on you pet’s safety during the winter months – use common sense.  If the weather is too cold for you and you need a coat, it is probably too cold for your pet to stay outside.  You know your pet better than anyone, do whats best for them and show them some love!

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